9 Reasons Fans Of "Supernatural" Need To Read Kami Garcia's "Unbreakable"

    Everything you love about the television show, now with 100% more competent female characters. The first book in The Legion series hits all the right paranormal notes.

    1. First off, it has two fine as hell demon-hunting brothers.

    2. But hold on because the main character is a girl, Kennedy Waters.

    3. Kennedy is special. Unless she's not. Okay she is but is it the right kind of special?

    4. All your favorite demon hunting weapons make a cameo.

    5. But then they take it to the next level.

    6. Which they need for investigating spooky locales.

    The book's mantra might as well be, "Why don't we ever get to go someplace nice?" A demon that controls ghosts never seems to take up residence on a sunny South Pacific Island but instead calls places like the Waverly Hills Sanatorium home. The kids bounce from one creepy locale to another to the point if you're a wimp — like me — reading the the lights on is mandatory.

    7. There's a dilemma about the nature of killing said ghosts.

    8. But ethics are for people who aren't trying to stop the apocalypse.

    9. And of course angst, so much angst.