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12 Questions Disney Forgot To Answer About "Beauty And The Beast"

Plot holes, plot holes everywhere. Sometimes when you revisit a classic movie from your childhood, the glaring inconsistencies really start to get to you.

1. Who the actual hell is this?

2. Who punishes an 11-year-old for not letting a stranger in the house?

3. Why did Belle even open the door here?

4. Who are the faceless bastards in the background?

5. What is going on with this time-traveling portrait?

6. What would have happened if Belle touched the rose?

7. How did Belle get his heavy unconscious ass onto her horse?

8. How does Chip even exist?

9. Is Belle stupid?

10. Whose clothes are they wearing?

11. Why didn't Belle just say she'd be back?

12. How did these people not know there was a cursed monster within walking distance?