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    PSA: You've Been Drawing T-Rex Wrong Your Whole Life

    Can you determine how to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Cornell University is betting you can't.

    Is this an accurate depiction of a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

    How about this?

    Definitely not.

    What about this one?

    Getting warmer! (Or BINGO for paleontologists who believe T-Rex was scaly)

    See the difference? Tyrannosaurus Rex didn't drag his tail on the ground. He was an agile, well-balanced fulcrum of teeth and tail.

    Or a giant chicken.


    Add in the feathers many scientists now believe most dinosaurs possessed and suddenly his relation to the modern chicken is more visible.

    Do not draw Example A or you'll make a T-Rex cry.

    Cornell University blames Barney and inaccurate chicken nugget shapes in early childhood for the continued misrepresentation of this large land predator. Both children and undergraduates drew Example A far more often than Example B despite the correct spinal alignment being well known enough to make it into Jurassic Park.


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