Proof Positive Koalas Are Secretly Evil Gremlins

Quick read this before the koalas discover my location! Too late…send hel…….

1. Oh sure koalas look like living stuffed animals made of fluff and hugs.

2. But they’re not.

3. Koalas are evil gremlins full of hate and chlamydia.

4. This guy has chlamydia now.

5. Watch out! There’s a monster on the loose.

6. Koalas will not so subtly attempt to murder you at all times.

7. “Just checkin’ your brakes.”

8. Do not attempt to eradicate them. Koalas are invincible.

9. And they have long memories.

10. You better run.

11. Is the zoo trying to warn us or is this a cry for help?

12. Even Mike Tyson shows koalas the right and proper fear they deserve.

13. And whatever you do, don’t get them wet!

(Editor’s Note: Artist depiction of demonic wet koala. Not actual demon koala.)

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