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14 Shrewd Pieces Of Dating Advice From "Gravity Falls" Mabel Pines

Who knew you could get such guidance from a fictional 12-year-old?

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1. Flirting is the most fun hobby invented by humanity.

2. And it's totally acceptable to lust after strangers.

3. As long as you don't get creepy about it, as evidenced here.

4. Set personal boundaries and stick by them.

5. For example: Don't date anyone who treats you with condescension.

6. Practice, practice, practice...preferably not with a gas-powered lawn tool.

7. Be true to yourself. Otherwise you might date people you have nothing in common with.

8. Don't listen to the haters.

9. Seriously, nothing is more important than believing in yourself.

10. Be open minded. You can meet your true love anywhere.

11. But remember to keep your expectations realistic.

12. Watch out for the "Romance Zone". You are not obligated to date anyone you don't want to!

13. Dating can be scary but just keep in mind:

14. And you'll have this shit on lock-down like a...

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