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Posted on May 24, 2012

11 Photos That Prove Ewoks Are Pure Evil

Their false reign as cuddly bears has come to an end. Do not be deceived by their claim to family friendly entertainment and increased toy sales!


Not Only Do They Possess Lifeless Eyes, If You Stare Too Long You Can Feel Them Sucking Your Soul From You. Try It...If You Dare


The Shaman's Stroke Eye Makes Him Almost Adorable But Then You See Murder Smile On The Right


Do Not Stare Into The Black Pits Of His Eyes. Also Do Not Ponder Why He Doesn't Have Eyes


Who Let Those Monsters Near That Child?!


Tell Me Coming Upon This In The Woods Wouldn't Convince You Death Was Imminent And Your Mortal Soul Imperiled


Even Their Infants Are Terrifying


Somehow This Cake Is Both Traumatizing And Vaguely Racist


Give A Child You Love Night Terrors By Placing This Next To Their Bedside


Legitimately The Scariest Halloween Costume I've Ever Seen


Sometimes If You See How The Monster Is Made, It Makes It Less Scary...NOPE


If You Are Still Unconvinced That Ewoks Are Most Evil Race In Star Wars, I Leave You With This

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