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    Photographic Evidence Karl Lagerfeld Is A Vampire

    A very powerful day-walking vampire. You don't have to believe me. The evidence speaks for itself.

    I Defy You To Look At This Photo And NOT Think He's A Vampire

    Why All The High-Necked Shirts, Lagerfeld? Hiding something?

    Life Giving UV Rays Hurting Your Undead Eyes, Karl?

    You Can Almost Hear Him Thinking "Oh, they brought me a snack. How divine."

    Look At This Suave Mother Fucker. You Want To Give Him Your Blood Right Now, Don't You?

    Lunging For The Kill On Camera...Sloppy Lagerfeld.

    Those Are The Gloves Of An Unliving War Lord

    Dracula Only Had Three Brides. Dracula Ain't Got Shit On Lagerfeld.

    Look At Her Dead Eyes. Bride Number Five In The Works.

    Alternate Theory: Super Villain