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Pelicans Are Terrifying And Huge

That is all.

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A pelican, which was named 'Mahrouma', meaning deprived in Arabic, by Lebanese fisherman, Abed Ibrik, waits to be fed in the Lebanese port city of Sidon on July 10, 2012. Ibrik rescued Mahrouma four years ago after she was shot in the wing while flying over Sidon and he now feeds her every other day and considers her as part of the family.

Is anyone else surprised how physical LARGE they are?

The default descriptions for this brave man don't give out what species of pelican Mahrouma is, but some quick deductive reasoning coupled with Google search leads me to believe she is a Great White Pelican.

According to Wikipedia (I know, I know), Great White Pelicans can grow up to 6 feet in length and have a wingspan of up to almost 12 feet. They live in southeast Europe, Asia and part of Africa, but almost 50% of the species breeds in Romania. So they may or may not also be vampires.

While their diets mainly consist of fish in the wild, the birds are considered "opportunistic" and will cultivate relationships with humans in order to receive handouts. Meaning Abed's relationship with Mahrouma is not too uncommon.

Of course, I get nervous if the geese get too grabby at the park, let alone being approached for food by a possibly vampiric bird that is longer than I am tall.

AFP / Getty Images

Lebanese fisherman, Abed Ibrik, feeds a pelican he named 'Mahrouma' (front), which means deprived in Arabic, on July 10, 2012, after he rescued her four years ago when she was shot in the wing while flying over the Lebanese port city of Sidon. Ibrik, who also rescued another pelican five months ago, feeds them both fish every other day and considers them as part of the family.

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