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Peek Inside Betty And Veronica's "Little Mermaid" Parody

What if Ariel had a sister who also wanted the Prince? Archie continues their storybook series by lampooning another classic.

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After taking on Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland — among others — it was only a matter of time before Disney's take on famous mermaid got Archie-fied.

Betty is unhappy with her life under the sea and wishes to be a part of the human world—much to the chagrin of her father, King Tritonkins, and her step-sister Veronica. Things get even more complicated when she and Veronica venture to the surface and save the life of the human Prince Archie—and both fall in love with him! In order to re-connect with their human love interest, they must make a sacrifice. Enter: the evil sea-witch Cheryl. When she gives them an offer they can't refuse, is it sayonara to the sub-aquatic world and, if so, at what cost?