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10 Outrageously Expensive Disney Princess Inspired Rings

Talk about jewelry fit for a princess. Heck Yeah Disney Merch got creative with Gemvara's design creator and the results were gorgeous rings that'll set you back between $1K-$5K.

1. Snow White

A beaming center round ruby rests atop a studded floral arrangement and a thin, gem-accented wreath in blue and yellow sapphires set in white gold.

Available here.

2. Cinderella

Two halos of aquamarine surround a cushion-cut, prong-set center blue topaz and continue in tandem down both sides of the white gold band in white sapphire.

Covet it here.

3. Aurora

Yellow gold softly ripples among pink tourmaline and diamonds, creating an understated heart motif around the center stone, a pink sapphire.

Daydream about it here.

4. Ariel

Set in white gold, two halos of amethyst surround a center garnet and continue down both sides of this dazzling band in emeralds.

You can buy it here.

5. Belle

The yellow gold fleur-de-lis of the French royal family is set with rubies and elegantly flanks the shield of sapphires, with a center stone of yellow sapphire.

Give yourself sticker shock here.

6. Jasmine

Set in white gold, two small bezel-set sapphires on each side of the gallery add another touch of radiance to accent the center blue topaz and double row of diamonds.

Put it on your wish list here.

7. Pocahontas

Lacy embellishment of rose gold adds a feminine touch to the round center red garnet and surrounding smokey quartz accents.

Kindle a love affair with rose gold here.

8. Mulan

The white gold scrolls and curves of this ring accentuate two off-center black diamonds while the emerald accent the center green amethyst.

Wish you were Chinese nobility here.

9. Tiana

Two rings of sterling silver petals surround the center emerald and blossoming accents of green amethyst and green tourmaline.

Blow your paycheck on it here.

10. Rapunzel

Blooming flowers and braided vines of yellow gold run through with diamonds and pink tourmaline accenting this ring while a large, brilliant amethyst takes center stage.

Stare longingly at it here.