10 Obscenely Expensive His And Her “Game Of Thrones” House Rings

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Custom jewelry Gemvara created jewelry fit for any of the noble Houses of the Seven Kingdoms.

1. House Arryn: Hers - $1,363 / His - $1,400

A round lolite stone dominates the center of the ring, the violet-blue reminding bannermen of the might of the Eyrie rising into the sky.


2. House Baratheon: Hers - $3,511 / His - $3,158

Whether it’s an emerald cut citrine surrounded by diamonds or a a pattern of alternating black diamonds and citrine, these rings are fit for a king…or queen.


3. House Clegane: Hers - $1,174 / His - $252

Citrine set in white gold or sterling silver will certainly leave an impression…in the face of anyone who dares backtalk you.


4. House Greyjoy: Hers - $3,176 / His - $1,048

A ring of black diamonds orbiting ring interlocked white gold rings for a lady with shifting alliances or a smoky quartz accented sterling silver for men of the sea.


5. House Lannister: Hers - $6,494 / His - $2,221

Whether it’s a ruby surrounded by sparkling diamonds or a ruby encrusted shield, buttery yellow gold rules the day in this house.


6. House Mormont: Hers - $5,738 / His - $546

The deep emerald offset by black diamonds serves to remind the wearer of the dark forest of Bear Island no matter how far south they may venture.


7. House Stark: Hers - $1,083 / His - $806

Simple. Elegant. Unadorned. The people of the North don’t need bells and whistles to solidify their power.


8. House Targaryen: Hers - $9,700 / His - $2,426

Rubies for blood and black diamonds for the charred remains of any who oppose the rightful rulers of the Seven Kingdoms.


9. House Tully: Hers - $1,791 / His - $6,373

Waves of rubies and blue sapphires set in white gold or platinum pay homage to the waterways surrounding Riverrun.


10. House Tyrell: Hers - $5,308 / His - $1,001

The bread basket of Westeros, emeralds and citrine — accented by diamonds — conjure images of health, growth, and sunshine.


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