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Movies That Scare The People Who Scare Us

What are the people that bring monsters to life afraid of? CNN's Geek Out spoke to some of the biggest names in scary stuff to find out what movies keep them up at night.

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Bruce Campbell, Actor

"'The Tenant' by Roman Polanski because it only uses your head. There’s no special effects, there’s no monsters, there’s no digital. It’s awesome. It’s scary as hell. It’s creepy - the anti-monster movie. There’s no giant creature that’s been bit by a radioactive spider, nothing stupid like that. It messes with your perception of reality, and to me, that’s way scarier than a creature ... ."

Miko Hughes, Actor

"[...] Japanese film called ‘Audition’ [about a scorned maniac actress]. I love that one. It doesn’t present itself as a horror movie and is only crazy in the last 10 minutes. It is really suspenseful and has a great slow build, and you kind of forget that what you’re seeing is a horrible incident because you get lost in the story."

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