20 Most Adorable Supporting Hayao Miyazaki Creatures

After 50 years and 11 films, the Japanese animation master is set to retire. But his legacy will live on with these beautiful films stuffed full of spirits, demons, and cats.

20. Lily - Kiki’s Delivery Service

The posh girlfriend of Kiki’s cat Jiji, Lily knows how to make all the boys go crazy.

19. Nina - The Secret World Of Arrietty

It’s an age old story. Cat meets tiny girl. Cat tries to eat tiny girl. Cat befriends tiny girl.

18. Goldfish - Ponyo

Ponyo’s little sisters might not get to go on life-changing adventures with humans, but they steal every scene they’re in so it evens out.

17. Baron Humbert von Gikkingen - Whisper of the Heart

Though he starts life as a statue in a antique shop, Humber more accurately Howl 1.0: The Furry Edition.

16. The Castle - Howl’s Moving Castle

It’s a partially sentient walking/flying house with the ability to teleport inhabitants thousands of miles or even through space and time via secret doors. The TARDIS wishes it was this cool.

15. Moon - Whisper Of The Heart

A cat who belongs to no one but himself, It is a travesty Moon couldn’t talk. Just look at that sassy face.

14. Teto - Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Who wouldn’t want a fox-squirrel that served as the inspiration for the Eevee Pokemon as a stalwart companion in a post-apocalyptic wasteland?

13. Soot Sprites - Spirited Away

These little guys antics are adorably chronicled as they work in Yubaba’s bath house although they also make a cameo in My Neighbor Totoro. Give them orders so they don’t dissipate!

12. Chibi Totoro and Chu Totoro - My Neighbor Totoro

These acorn collectors are pint-sized versions of their companion. For when you need a Totoro neighbor for apartment dwellers.

11. Yakul - Princess Mononoke

It’s an Ibex you can put a saddle on and it’ll outrun worm demons and help keep the wolves at bay while you mack on their human girl. Best wingman ever.

10. Jiji - Kiki’s Delivery Service

Jiji comes from the genus Snarky Black Cat. Other examples include Luna from Sailor Moon and Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

9. Robot Solider - Castle In The Sky

Mechanized robots of DEATH and DESTRUCTION that choose instead to be guardians and gardeners of a floating city? Sounds wonderful, where do we sign up?

8. Great Forest Spirit - Princess Mononoke

Sure he’s creepy and looks like a deer that got stretched into stardust and leaves a mess of greenery everywhere he steps, but isn’t that what make him so endearing?

7. Turnip Head - Howl’s Moving Castle

Perhaps one of the most understanding and tenacious characters of all time, giving his all for little in return. Good luck finding your one true love!

6. Heen - Howl’s Moving Castle

He may or may not be made of Dark Matter, but this is one dog who knows the winning side when he sees it. Opportunists rarely look this cute!

5. Haku - Spirited Away

If you don’t want a dragon spirit that is willing to risk his life over and over again to save your from your own naivety then you’re a liar.

4. Catbus - My Neighbor Totoro

It’s a cat. It’s a bus. It is literally what it says on the tin. Yet somehow this simply impossible animal is one of the most coveted fictional animals ever. Get on it, geneticists!

3. Kodama / Forest Spirits - Princess Mononoke

Creepy cute? Check. Weird noise you’ll try to mimic without success for hours, making you look crazy? Check. Desire to catch and own one? Check. Basically, these guys are perfection.

2. No-Face - Spirited Away

Don’t be lonely! You can follow us around forever and be cute and transparent and socially awkward as long as you don’t eat anything that turns you into a giant hungering monster…again.

1. Calcifer - Howl’s Moving Castle

Voiced by Billy Crystal, this Fire Demon spawned perhaps the best curse of the Internet age, “May all your bacon burn.” A lovable trickster, he might not always be trustworthy but he’s always a friend.

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