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25 Mind-Bogglingly Good Cosplays From 2012

For these talented geeks, costume design is more art than hobby. But the results are truly stunning.

1. Look at this fully operational cyberpunk suit.

2. And the hands on this amazing genderbent Jack Skellington.

3. It took NINE wigs to make the dreads for "Final Fantasy X" Shiva.

4. Behold this Tali cosplay from "Mass Effect 2", complete with only two fingers per hand.

5. And the gun shoes on this Bayonetta.

6. Check out this Carmilla from "Vampire Hunter D".

7. And this Orianna from "League Of Legends" complete with hovering orb.

8. It took over 150 hours to make this impressive "Final Fantasy X" Bahamut.

9. Hopefully this terrifyingly tall Slenderman can't run on stilts.

10. This War from "Darksiders" is ready to live up to his name.

11. And these "Assassin's Creed" cosplayers look eerily like their characters.

12. Look a the wings on this Hawkgirl.

13. And the detailed wigs (and Buster Sword!) on Cloud and Zach from "Final Fantasy VII".

14. This Mordin from "Mass Effect 3" is the very model of a scientist Salarian.

15. This genderbent Skeletor is confusing people's libidos.

16. And these crazy detailed Blitzcrank and Fiddlesticks from "League Of Legends" are ready to fight.

17. Run away from "Silent Hill" and this frightening Pyramid Head.

18. And towards the Demon Hunter from "Diablo III".

19. Look at stunning cosplay of everyone's favorite FInal Fantasy villain, Sephiroth.

20. And this Styria from "Final Fantasy XIII" is more than meets the eye...

21. Look at Link and Zelda, they're so in love!

22. This Samara from "Mass Effect" looks like she just stepped out of the game.

23. As does this Big Sister from "Bioshock 2".

24. Yoshimitsu from "Soul Caliber IV" is ready to fight.

25. And this insanely detailed Iron Man is ready to answer the challenge.