• 1. A Quick Recap

    Who is more Forever Alone? The men tricked into thinking these women were real or the men who took time out of their day to create multiple fake women with fleshed out lives? OR our very own Chris Menning?

  • 2. The Locale

    Subtlety, thy name is /b/.

  • 3. A Challenger!

    You see that guy? No not the obvious guy. The blonde guy behind him? Taking a photo of Forever Alone Guy? That’s a wild Chris Menning, accidentally caught on camera.

  • 4. Claiming to have nothing else going on on a Friday night, Chris went down to document the shenanigans for Buzzfeed and Know Your Meme. He was only there in a professional capacity guys! Seriously!

  • 5. Meta Forever Alone

    When good Samaritan bloggers started passing out cuddly meme toys, Chris was mistaken for one of the unlucky Alones. At least he ended up with a lolwut Pear for his efforts.

  • 6. Acceptance

    Chris commiserates with his Forever Alone brethren while still muttering, “I’m not one of them,” under his breath.

  • 7. Artist Rendition