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    Posted on Aug 9, 2013

    20 Memories Only '90s Anime Fans Have

    Dude, I heard Blockbuster just got a bunch of new box sets in!

    1. Your first exposure to anime was on USA Network.

    2. Home sick from school — or on summer break — your life changed forever with a theme song.

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    3. When Cartoon Express shut down, you upgraded to this.

    Bonus! It came on after school, so no more setting the VCR to record.

    4. You have really strong opinions on which Tom is the best Tom.

    5. You were overly invested in the soap opera glory of Dragonball Z.

    And had many arguments whether Cell or Frieza were the better villain.

    6. You were completely in love with all of these assholes. Look at their perfect faces.

    Hell, one of their names even RHYMES with sex.

    7. None of your friends were into it, so you found new friends.

    Better friends. Internet friends.

    8. Where you were introduced to the greatest feud of all time.


    9. An Internet friend told you about this thing called slash fiction.

    Within two days, you'd mastered the terminology. Lemon, Lime, songfic, ficlet, you loved them all. As long as they used your favorite pairing(s).

    10. People on your Geocities fan site treated Neon Genesis Evangelion like the holy grail.

    But it didn't play on any American television channel. What to do?

    11. You heard the local music store also sold anime and begged your mom to take you to the mall.

    If you were very lucky, they even sold action figures!

    12. Alas, they didn't have Evangelion but they did have THIS.

    How bad could it be?

    13. Oh. That bad.

    14. You tried to download episodes from a file share site.

    But it was approximately 60000000 hours for one episode.

    15. But it's how you discovered AMV (Anime Music Videos) featuring series you'd never even heard of.

    View this video on YouTube

    Toonami had been holding out on you.

    See also:

    - Perfect Drug/Perfect Blue

    - Going The Distance/Macross

    16. Suddenly this was your life mission, and that was okay.

    17. Luckily, your best friend's mom's sister had heard about this thing called eBay.

    Where you could buy anything from anywhere.

    18. You blew your allowance and/or retail job paycheck on DVD box sets.

    But when they finally arrived from Japan, you got this error. "DVD is not formatted for this region." What!? This would never happen with VHS. Damn new technology!

    19. But finally, somehow, you get a working copy of Evangelion and binge watched the entire series.

    A terrible, terrible mistake.

    20. That was it. Anime was... amazing, epic AWESOMENESS.

    You were hooked for life.

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