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20 Memories Only '90s Anime Fans Have

Dude, I heard Blockbuster just got a bunch of new box sets in!

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2. Home sick from school — or on summer break — your life changed forever with a theme song.

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9. An Internet friend told you about this thing called slash fiction.

Within two days, you'd mastered the terminology. Lemon, Lime, songfic, ficlet, you loved them all. As long as they used your favorite pairing(s).


15. But it's how you discovered AMV (Anime Music Videos) featuring series you'd never even heard of.

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Toonami had been holding out on you.

See also:

- Perfect Drug/Perfect Blue

- Going The Distance/Macross

18. You blew your allowance and/or retail job paycheck on DVD box sets.

But when they finally arrived from Japan, you got this error. "DVD is not formatted for this region." What!? This would never happen with VHS. Damn new technology!


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