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Meet Rex Velvet: The People's Villain

Living in Seattle just got a lot more interesting. In response to vigilante Phoenix Jones, a new breed of super-villain has been born. Seriously. This is actually happening and not a parody of "Watchmen".

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Since January of 2011, Seattle has had the distinction of being home to Phoenix Jones, a local man posing as a superhero.

Jones donned his vigilante persona after his car was broken into and his son injured on the broken glass. Neighbors had seen the crime occur but were too cowed to take action. A second incident, where 70+ people failed to help a friend of Jones' from being assaulted outside a bar further proved to him that the police were not doing their jobs.

Phoenix created the costume to help police and citizens recognize him as a hero instead of a criminal and has been joined by other masked crusaders to form the Rain City Superhero Movement. All members must have a military or mixed martial arts background.

However, where there are superheroes, eventually there will be super-villains. And on May 1st, Seattle's first arch nemesis revealed himself in the following video:

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