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Lois Lane Dumps Superman

You can't relaunch your series and expect a girl to keep the same boyfriend, can you? And in his rage, Superman destroys the Daily Planet, if this cover is any indication.

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After seventy-three years together, Lois Lane is ret-conning her relationship with Superman. For now. This smacks of the infamous Barbie and Ken PR break-up of 2004.

An as yet unnamed beau Blaine, is that you? will take Superman's place when the comic relaunches next month.

In the meantime, Clark can console himself with the fact that his costume no longer forces him to wear his underpants on the outside. Although, it's made of armor from Krypton? Wait, what? How did Mama Kent sew armor? Also, it appears Supes is still ignoring the wisdom of Edna Mode, aka "NO CAPES".

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