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Kristen Stewart Back To Work After Cheating Scandal

She looked good on the red carpet last night. For the first time in months, KStew was on the job, promoting her film On The Road in Toronto.

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According to AP, hundreds of fans gathered outside the Toronto Film Festival before the sun came up to wait for Stewart to appear.

She posed for the photographers but only spoke to a few television crews, and never alone but always with co-star Garret Hedlund.


Several times Stewart broke away from the press line to talk to her fans and sign autographs. It looked like they were providing the support Kristen needed to make it through the mobbed press event with her head held high.

She even managed to crack a smile a few times!


But for the most part, it seems obvious she was nervous.

What do we think of the slinky Zuhair Murad dress she was wearing?

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