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Interviews With Actors At ComicCon: Reaction Edition

What do River Tam, Kaylee Frye, Chewbacca, Dante and Spike all have in common? They actually believed I was a legitimate journalist. Bless their hearts.

Summer Glau - How do you feel about Black Walnut Ice Cream?

Editor's Note: Really Gavon? That was your question?

Jewel Staite - You're always so nice and bubbly. Give us your best rage face!

Peter Mayhew - What are your thoughts on Man Leia?

Brian O'Halloran - How do you feel when fans quote "Clerks" at you?

James Marsters - What's your opinion on Sparklepyres?*

*Editor's Note: Mr. Marsters has no beef with sparklepyres as they got his 14 year old daughter to finally win this round Meyer.

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