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    9 Important Questions Marvel Forgot To Answer About "Thor"

    Is a little exposition too much to ask for? Yes, yes it is.

    1. So who exactly built all this Asgardian technology?

    Because this just seems above Odin's pay grade. And you can't really believe a the equivalent of Asgardian teenagers got their heads out of their own asses long enough to get the engineering education necessary to construct floating modern art, a giant chicken head that shoots laser teleport beams, and a mountain top fortress. These people are clearly living in the remains of an ancient precursor society. But who?

    2. Maybe the Jotun had a reason to be pissed off at Asgard?

    3. Are we just not gonna talk about how Asgard is basically Discworld?

    4. How does Frigga deal with her fuck-up of a co-parent?

    5. Did no one notice Loki's bipolar tendencies?

    6. Where in the Nine Realms are all the adults that aren't Odin and Frigga?

    7. How is Heimdall not insane?

    8. Why does Thor suddenly care about the Frost Giants right when Loki is about to show him up — I mean, blow them up?

    9. What the actual hell is this?