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How Far Would $100 Get You In Your Favorite Fictional World?

Spoiler: Not far. The Intergalactic Exchange Bureau used hard science to ruin fantasy vacations.

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7. Federation Credit - Star Trek

Use that extra 2.58 credits to tip your bellhop... or don't, because surely in the future everyone will make a living wage and be insulted by tip money, right?

5. Bottle Caps - Fallout: New Vegas

Living the desert leads to parched people which leads more frequent use of Nuka Cola to quench that thirst which in turn leads to an economic downturn as caps flood the market.

3. Galleons - Harry Potter

Good thing Harry's family was swimming in money because his wand in book one cost a whopping 7 Galleons. No wonder the Weasleys' were rubbing wizard pennies together.

1. Gold Dragon - Game of Thrones

Yo, when the Lannisters said they were the richest family in Westeros, they actually meant they were the richest family IN ANY KNOWN UNIVERSE FOR ALL TIME.

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