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    8 Household Items Begging You To Turn Them Into Aquariums

    Why buy a fish tank when you can make one? Whether you're a craft beginner or a seasoned expert, create a unique home for your fishy friends.

    1. Empty Bottle Micro Tank

    Super easy and easy to follow instructions at College Life DIY.

    2. Converted Xbox 360

    Detailed instructions, and a video, are available at Blue World Aquariums.

    3. Gumball Micro Aquarium

    Learn how to make this mid-skill level tank at Instructables.

    4. Non-Functioning Blender Betta Fish Tank

    Read all about how to convert the kitchen appliance at Instructables.

    5. Heated LED Coffee Hot Tropical Fish Tank

    Step-by-step instructions at Robots and Computers.

    6. Upcycled Retro Television Aquarium

    Apartment Therapy has detailed instructions on how to create this vintage fish home.

    7. Working Piano Aquarium

    Extremely detailed instructions at Errthum.

    8. Recycled Old CRT Monitor Fish Tank

    Instructables explains each step, including how to safely remove the PC guts.

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