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High-Tech Fashion Turns Transparent In Time With Heart Beat

The future's so clear you're gonna need shades to hide your ogling. The line of clothing known as "Intimacy" was created by Studio Roosegaarde assumedly just to screw with us.

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The dresses are made from opaque, smart e-foils that pick up on the heart rate of the user. The faster your heart beats, the more transparant your smock becomes.

In theory this is to turn social encounters into sexy game of hide-and-seek. And it surely will because no one with a smattering of body issues would wear this on anything outside of a dare since Intimacy can't differentiate between "That guy at the bar is turning me on" and "Oh God why am I wearing this in public I'm having a panic attack and look like and extra from 'The Fifth Element' and I need more shots."

For the super self-confident, this haute-couture is clothing Morse Code for "Your place or mine?" but for the other 99% of us it's a middle school nightmare made real.

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