14 High Fashions Straight Out Of Our Dystopian Future

    The end of the world is not the end of couture. Dutch designer Iris van Herpen merges 3-D printer technology with high-end fashion for a postapocalyptic result.

    1. This is basically fiber-optic cables woven into a dress.

    2. 3-D printed winged armor will be all the rage after the fall of man.

    3. Look at the back!

    4. Sharp edges and glittering geometric designs practically scream dystopian heiress.

    5. But this is what the Princess of the Wastes would wear to the ball.

    6. No. THIS ONE.

    7. And this is what the Queen Mother wears.

    8. Awww, it's an inorganic elephant. Likely in remembrance of the extinct Earth mammal.

    9. Ceramic armor looks fetching while fending off the scavengers.

    10. Doesn't this look like an Alien queen carapace?

    11. Soften the look with a nice 3-D printed shrug for those cold nights in the shadow of civilization.

    12. You have to imagine those tubes hook up to fluid that keeps the ruling class young.

    13. The spines of your enemies make a lovely tea dress in a violent yet elegant post-apocalypse.

    14. Or just go all out and wear their entire skeletons.