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    Gotham Gears Re-Imagines Batman Universe As Cyberpunk Mechs

    As if the Dark Knight and his villains weren't scary enough already. Artist Justin Currie not only created a look for this universe, he was kind enough to write character bios.


    A prototype Gear of unknown origin, Batman possesses a genius-level intellect combined with a mastery of combat, stealth, and hacking.

    The Joker

    The Joker Gear runs on a damaged energy core, constantly leaking radiation which causes other machines in close proximity to malfunction. He wears an ancient piece of clothing allegedly worn by the Original Joker while also augmenting himself with souvenirs from his victims.

    Mr. Freeze and The Penguin

    The Freeze Gear is powered by a collection of self-designed cold fusion cells. The extraordinarily long lasting power source allows Freeze to emit a cold temperature pulse capable of causing malfunctions in nearby machinery but makes it difficult for the Gear to function in above freezing internal temperatures.

    Built on framework of complex gears and hydraulics, the Penguin Gear runs on unknown software and hardware. His unique alloy makes him immune to electrical interference or hacking but rust easily, explaining his perpetuance for umbrellas.

    Bane and Catwoman

    The Bane Gear is a tactical strategist with unparalleled strength. While he is mostly invulnerable to concussion attacks, he is susceptible to piercing blows especially if vulnerable while replenishing the rare hydraulic V.E.N. fluid that oils his cogs.

    A lighter, more delicate build, the Catwoman Gear excels at stealth, speed, and precision tasks. With a second set of smaller hands for disarming alarms and retractable tail whips for ranged attacks, her major weakness lies in her inability to take a hit.