12 “Futurama” Characters With Fates Worse Than Death

Futurama never hesitates to kill a character to pluck viewers emotions. But maybe death isn’t so bad compared to these guys.

12. Langdon Cobb

As an alien Quantum Lichen, Cobb must keep a bag over his head at all times, lest humans look upon him and have their life force drained. A blind, lonely life.

11. Faceless Universe

An alternate reality where no one can see, smell, hear, or taste. To be fair, they’re probably used to it.

10. The original cast of “Stark Trek”

Crash landing on Omega 3 after being banished from Earth in the 23rd century, the original cast of Star Trek (minus Leonard Nimoy) was forced to participate in a Trek Convention for over 700 years.

9. Robot Santa’s Workers

Jolly Junction residents have little to do since everyone is naughty and no one gets toys. Meaning paychecks and food are few and far between. Starvation is on top of having a murderous psychopath for a boss.

8. Being Zoidberg.


7. Robot in Robot Hell

All the benefits of regular Hell, only designed to torture mechanical beings.

6. This Guy

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Now that’s just cruel.

5. The Mutants

They reside underground, are treated like disgusting monsters despite some aliens being far more unconventional, and live under a constant rain of sewage. Literally.

4. Heads In Jars

Never aging. Never dying. Never eating. Never moving. Never able to scratch your nose.

3. Lando Tucker

Spending 50 years being slowly absorbed and fed upon by a inter-dimensional whale only to return home in a half-digested state.

2. Kif Kroker

He is the assistant to Zapp Brannigan, the most egomaniacal space captain. No one would wish that on their worst enemy.

1. Bender as God

No matter what he did, Bender ended up only making things worse for his creations, leading to their extinction.

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