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From Human To Corpse: "Walking Dead" Make-Up

This is some serious dedication on the part of the actors. To get up that early and stay covered in latex for hours takes a lot of willpower.

The actors show up hours before filming in order to complete the transformation.

Each zombie has their own set of custom-fit teeth that can be placed underneath the latex skin.

The latex face is then contoured over the actor's face and blended with make-up.

Next, the teeth are removed temporarily (for comfort) while the team adds details to the zombie body.

Wispy wigs are attached to give more realism to the rotting facade.

The teeth are put back and sealed into place. Facial hair can then be added.

The final product. The colored contacts are also actor specific and it is extremely important that they only wear them for a few hours at a time since the thickness of the lens cuts off air flow to the eyes.

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