23 Fantastical Steampunk LEGO Builds Designed From Scratch

Imagination doesn’t need pre-fabricated sets! It’s easy to see why some of these fan builds have won awards at the annual BrickCon.

Steampunk by air!

1. A luxury class airship designed for elite recreation.

2. A military class airship.

3. An inverted military airship design. Be careful, gents!

4. A pirate airship buoyed by sails and propellors.

5. A single rider propellor aeroplane.

6. Two-person propellor helicopter.

7. And of course, a traditional airship complete with helium balloon.

Steampunk by land!

8. Death spider inspired by Wild, Wild West.

9. And accompanying death scorpion.

11. A cabinet that puts things away for you.

13. A quick clear-cutting conveyance.

14. A steam camel for desert travel.

15. A giant prototype mechanical.

16. The more practical personal mechanical.

Steampunk by sea!

17. A personal squid submarine.

18. Which can be housed inside a larger submersible.

Life-sized steampunk weapons!

19. Including Tesla’s Pidgeon.

20. And the larger rifle model.

And complete steampunk playsets!

21. A beginner Roboticist’s evil lair.

22. A master Roboticist’s evil lair.

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