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    21 Exotic Locations Proving The Future Is Now

    These should be on every sci-fi buff's bucket list.

    1. Reach For The Stratosphere Around The World

    2. Envision Self-Sustaining Energy Buildings

    3. Picture A Planet-Wide City Of Architectural Wonders

    4. Imagine Dynamically Changing Skylines On A Whim

    5. Picture Cityscapes Rising From The Jungle

    6. Behold The Infancy Of Mega-Skylines

    7. Visit Bladerunner's Proto-City

    8. Stay Alert For Harrison Ford Or Replicants

    9. Get As Close As You Can To Neo Tokyo

    10. Visit A Surrealistic Museum For The 24th Century

    11. Wonder Where Our Damn Flying Cars Are

    12. Keep An Eye Out For Emergency UFO Landings

    13. Pretend You're A Moon/Mars/Europa Colonist

    14. See The Aerodynamic Design Of Future Highrises

    15. Remember The Past With A Building Of The Future

    16. Visit The Future Of One-Stop Cultural Arts Shop

    17. Tower Over Skyscrapers (Mech Not Included...Yet)

    18. Go For A Swim On The Edge Of The World

    19. Take A Stroll In The Sky

    20. Be A Step Away From Underwater Luxury Hotels

    21. See The Precursor To City Biodomes