Every Friday The 13th Movie Poster

Even the lament that Hollywood is out of ideas is a reboot. Oh Jason, you’ll always be a poor man’s Michael Meyers. But you’re winning if the contest is for quantity, not quality.

  • 1. Friday The 13th - 1980

    It begins.

  • 2. Friday The 13th Part II - 1981

    Oh good, we've given up the pretense of cohesive plot early. Gruesome murder is the name of the game.

  • 3. Friday The 13th Part III - 1982

    A new dimension in terror? Oh God, was this nonsense in 3D?

  • 4. Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter - 1984

    Don't lie to me, movie poster. There are still eight posters after you. You aren't Final Fantasy. Get down from there.

  • 5. Friday The 13th: A New Beginning - 1985

    Nothing soothes paranoia better than assuming the likeness of the serial killer that you brutally murdered as a child.

  • 6. Friday The 13th: Jason Lives - 1986


  • 7. Friday The 13th: The New Blood - 1988

    In which we learn telekinesis is the same as necromancy. This explains so much of the X-Men universe.

  • 8. Friday The 13th: Jason Takes Manhatten - 1989

    Jason takes Manhattan where? What a whore. First the Muppets, then Jason? Standards NYC, you need them.

  • 9. Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday - 1993

    "Final" is still a relative term.

  • 10. Jason X - 2002


  • 11. Freddy Vs. Jason - 2003

    Wait, wut?

  • 12. Friday The 13th (Reboot) - 2009

    The Mobius Loop begins again.

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