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    19 Essential Miyazaki Reaction GIFS For Every Occasion

    One day humans will show emotion only through GIFS. Just doing my part to help that along.

    1. When it's been a long day and you're just over it...even if it's only 10AM.

    2. When you haven't showered or gotten dressed in days.

    3. When something so baffling happens you can't even form words.

    4. When the day is against you and everything is wrong.

    5. When anyone has a differing opinion from you, the uncultured peasants.

    6. When you have work to do but

    7. When you're 1000% done. Forever. The worst.

    8. When something amazing and/or terrible happens. It's a versatile GIF.

    9. When you get into your bed and just never want to move again.

    10. When someone tries to throw shade on you.

    11. When you waited for over thirty minutes and your food order is wrong but you didn't check it until you got home.

    12. When bullshit in general happens.

    13. When something happens in your fandom.

    14. When your friends try to back out of social commitments.

    15. When you're brooding over the meaning life, the universe, and everything.

    16. When you get a bad haircut.

    17. When you see your ex out with their new significant other.

    18. When someone thinks you don't hear them talking shit about you...but you do.

    19. When you just need to relax in a bath house with a bunch of baby ducks (really specific but you never know!)