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17 Easy Emergency Mother's Day Crafts For Kids

Don't panic. Mother's Day is right around the corner, but even the most craft-averse children can make these quick gifts.

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3. If Mom has a sweet tooth, try this lollipop bouquet.

Use different sized baking cups and a step-by-step guide from Make Happy to craft these simple flowers. If she's not a candy lover, follow these instructions to just make a baking cup bouquet.

4. A celery rose by any other name would smell as sweet (and now you can't eat it, oh darn!)

Dip a cut off celery stalk into red paint for a unique Mother's Day card. Coat in glitter and heartfelt sentiment and you're done! According to Maureen Cracknell Handmade bunches of leafy lettuce will also work.

5. If your kids are older or have good motor skills, make Mom a set of Tin Can Lanterns.

You'll need some old tin cans, a hammer and nails, and some paint. This project definitely requires adult supervision but Grow Creative has detailed instructions to make this an easily doable craft.

7. Or make Mom a pretty tissue paper flower corsage.

This one requires a bit more prep since you need ribbon, hot glue, and a broach pin (available in the craft section of your local big box retailer). But PBS breaks it down into a simple step-by-step guide.


12. A cheap candle can be converted into a artsy present.

Using wax paper, white tissue paper, markers, and a hair dryer, help the kids imprint their creative works onto the candle using instructions found on Come Together Kids.


15. Transform her clothespins with washi tape.

Kids might need a little help from dad getting the tape to go on straight. Get more details here. Use them as chip clips or hot glue magnets to the back for instant refrigerator art holders.

17. Turn their handprints (or footprints) int an apron or a tote bag.

Depending on what mom needs the most. Get the directions here. One day when they're all grown-up, Mom will have a reminder of when they were small.


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