11 Easy DIY Projects For The Beginner Super Villain

    So you're tired of henching for other villains -- think you can do better? We've got all the homemade tips you need to start out strong!

    1. Start with a sufficiently amazing secret lair entrance.

    Turning any regular doorknob into a secret candlestick switch is pretty easy. However, completing the accompanying motorized secret door is a weekend project for sure!

    2. Continue the "hidden" theme with a book light switch.

    3. Build a positive reinforcement secret knock training device.

    4. Make some robot minions while you wait for flesh and blood human ones.

    If you have the parts, make an adorable legion of bumbling walker droids. For a more dapper look, take a Mr. Potato Hat and combine with paper clips and a camera.

    5. Now you need an impressive yet ineffective* gun.

    6. And some Guild-compliant bombs.

    7. Get your mad scientist on with a (non-working) shrink ray.

    8. Hide your secret diabolical plans in plain sight.

    9. After defeating your first hero, keep the "brain" as a trophy.

    10. Or, if you're lonely, use science to keep the "brain" alive.

    11. And no lair would be complete without a Doomsday Device of nebulous origin.