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    11 Easy DIY Projects For The Beginner Super Villain

    So you're tired of henching for other villains -- think you can do better? We've got all the homemade tips you need to start out strong!

    1. Start with a sufficiently amazing secret lair entrance.

    Turning any regular doorknob into a secret candlestick switch is pretty easy. However, completing the accompanying motorized secret door is a weekend project for sure!

    2. Continue the "hidden" theme with a book light switch.

    Now that you've got a lair, it needs illumination. These step-by-step instructions turn any book into a light switch. Bonus! It doesn't even hurt the book.

    3. Build a positive reinforcement secret knock training device.

    You don't want to let just anyone into your lair, so follow these directions to make a candy dispenser that only releases the goods when the "secret knock" is completed correctly.

    4. Make some robot minions while you wait for flesh and blood human ones.

    If you have the parts, make an adorable legion of bumbling walker droids. For a more dapper look, take a Mr. Potato Hat and combine with paper clips and a camera.

    5. Now you need an impressive yet ineffective* gun.

    With little more than a plastic water pistol, some spray paint, and a car "novelty light," you too can create a plasma gun.

    *As per Super Villain Guild code

    6. And some Guild-compliant bombs.

    Don't risk the ire of local authorities with dangerous chemicals! Instead transform an old film canister into a pepper bomb. While the heroes are sneezing, make your grand escape.

    7. Get your mad scientist on with a (non-working) shrink ray.

    Turn an adjustable lamp, a vacuum motor, and a soup can into a shrink ray prototype. Add on your own flair and be sure to let us know if you figure out how to get it working!

    8. Hide your secret diabolical plans in plain sight.

    The hero would NEVER think to look in your pencil cup. Follow these super easy instructions to convert a marker into a USB holder.

    9. After defeating your first hero, keep the "brain" as a trophy.

    Using a leftover aquarium and supplies from your local big box store, turn spray foam a human brain into an LED lamp using this detailed guide.

    10. Or, if you're lonely, use science to keep the "brain" alive.

    This one takes a more complex grasp of computer programming but if you're up for a challenge the result is a brain story-teller which will regale you with any audio book you upload to your computer.

    11. And no lair would be complete without a Doomsday Device of nebulous origin.

    It's truly astounding what one can do with green food coloring, a light bulb, and a few other odds and ends these days. Get the instructions to building your own toxic waste light over here.