Disney's "Frozen" Trailer Secretly Tells A Flawless Villain Origin Story

    Bow down, bitches. Disney's new queen is working it.

    Disney finally released the official trailer for its next animated film, Frozen.

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    Disney / Via youtube.com

    Seems like a standard fairy tale, right?

    But! Disney released its first trailer for Frozen months ago overseas.

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    Disney / Via youtube.com

    Which tells a very different story. A better story.

    This is Anna. The main character of Frozen.

    We don't care about her right now.

    Let's focus on this fabulous bitch. Elsa, the villain.

    This is her kingdom.

    Until something bad happens.

    And she finds the magical snowflake of evil.

    Which gives her ULTIMATE POWER!

    But it turns her kingdom into this.

    However, evil is a great look on Elsa.

    Guess they didn't want Anna upstaged in her own movie because LOOK at this flawlessness.

    So bow down, peasants.

    Because Elsa's going to get you.