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    12 Disney Princesses Transformed Into Final Fantasy Classes

    Okay if this isn't part of a future installment of Kingdom Hearts there's no justice.

    1. Snow White as the poisonous healer.

    2. Cinderella as the virtuous defender.

    3. Aurora as the bastion against dark forces.

    4. Ariel as the most versatile caster.

    5. Belle as the animal charmer.

    6. Jasmine as the wielder of phenomenal cosmic power.

    7. Pocahontas as the stalwart warrior.

    8. Mulan as the possessor of the strength of a great typhoon.

    9. Kida as the deadly self-sacrifice.

    10. Tiana as the spear-wielding high jumper.

    11. Rapunzel as the sneaky rogue.

    12. And Merida as the nimble forest ranger.

    They even come together for some amazing cover art.