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13 Disney Heroines Swap Clothes With Their Heroes

These ladies are looking fine in some gender neutral duds. Artist Haruki Godo proves you don't have to put a princess in a gown.

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1. Aurora as Phillip. - Sleeping Beauty

2. Belle as Beast. - Beauty and the Beast

3. Jasmine as Aladdin. - Aladdin

4. Pocahontas as John Smith - Pocahontas

5. Megara as Hercules - Hercules

6. Mulan as Shang. - Mulan

7. Jane as Tarzan: English Gentleman. - Tarzan

8. Kida as Milo. - Atlantis: The Lost Empire

9. Tiana as Naveen. - The Princess and the Frog

10. Rapunzel as Flynn. - Tangled

11. Madellaine as Quasimodo. - The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

12. Calhoun as Felix. - Wreck-It Ralph

13. Vanellope as Ralph. - Wreck-It Ralph

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