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Definitive Power Ranking Of Magical House Cats

As if regular old house cats weren't arrogant enough. Throw in magic and the powers of the speech and there's no living with them.

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10. Eureka - Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

Dorothy's kitten gets Oz-ified during one trip, turning pink (or purple), picking up human speech and an impeccable fashion sense as a side effect. Being haughty and fabulous are her main powers.


8. Jake - The Cat From Outer Space

An alien species that only evolved as far as house cats because the 70s, Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 (Jake) crash lands on Earth and proceeds to use his magic collar to do everything from telepathically communicate to telekinetically break in to a military base.

7. Katz - Futurama

Part of an alien race of cats (no no, the other one), Katz is descended from the talking space cats who enslaved ancient Egypt. His powers include advanced technology and the devestating hypnotic "hyper-cuteness."

6. Maurice - The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

Granted the powers of speech and critical thinking by ingesting a rat made magical from eating wizard garbage, Maurice is a con artist with a heart of gold. Oh, and a posse of rats, naturally.


4. Salem - Sabrina The Teenage Witch

A former warlock, Salem's current form is as a talking house cat/familiar. Stripped of his magical powers for attempting to take over the world, he retains his speech, using it to manipulate others into doing magic for him.

3. Luna and Artemis - Sailor Moon

Talking cats who were advisors to the Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus in their past lives, the cats current magical abilities encompass awakening the Sailor Senshi to their true identities, procuring magical items from thin air at the right moment, and being able to tolerate Serena.

2. Mogget - Sabriel

An immortal trapped in the guise of a white cat, Mogget serves as an advisor to the line of Abhorsens (a kind of anti-necromancer). When shed of his binding collar and bell, Mogget becomes one of the most powerful Free Magic creatures in existence.

1. Cheshire Cat - Alice In Wonderland

Aloof and mysterious, disappearing at the most inopportune moments only to arrive in the nick of time with the perfect helpful anecdote, he is the archetype for which all other magical cats strive.