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    Posted on Jul 17, 2012

    7 Creepy Marionettes You Can Own

    Watching, always watching. If you have money to burn and enjoy disturbing yourself, you can't do much better than these puppets.

    For Extra Creepiness, Play This Song Before Scrolling

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    This bizarre mutant hybrid marionette is 16" tall and made from poplar, maple, fabric, polymer clay and urethane. She is fully articulated with 10 strings. Her crab claw moves at the shoulder, bends at the elbow and can snap open and closed her pincer with rapid precision making a satisfying "clacking" sound. This puppet is Vegan! No animal products!

    Her vacant, insane eyes do not convey a soul at piece [sic]. Driven mad by her mutilation and forever searching for affection and comfort, do not let her touch you because her unnatural strength crushes everything she tries to embrace.

    gb Designs


    This steampunk mad scientist is 24" tall and primarily made of Poplar and Cherry wood. His head is made of wood, metal and polymer clay. His hands and feet are hand carved and his shoes have actual laces. The costume features glossy white satin and synthetic leather belt.

    gb Designs


    [Baby Merchant] is an original marionette for collectors, it is hand sculpted, painted, built. it is around 19 inches tall excluding strings and controls.



    This creepy victorian headmistress marionette is 18" tall and made from beech, maple, fabric, polymer clay, epoxy and urethane. She is partially articulated with an amazing 24 strings! That is because this stern headmistress hides under her dress a dark secret, four mechanical legs which unfold from under her dress at the behest of whatever mad puppeteer dares engage in performance with her.

    gb Designs


    The "Cut Throat Strider" named so due to his crimson gullet only apparent in males is a scaled down replica of an alien bird commonly used as transport on his home planet of Ethos.

    This one of a kind hand made replica measures 45 cm toes to crown, 33cm tail base to beak and 110 cm from feet to top handle. He is made from latex, dowel and recycled materials. His head and feet are solid oven bake clay with marbled eyes, the neck is also fully flexible.



    Cloth mache lends itself to fine detail and has a leathery skin-like quality perfect for zombies. Life-Like taxidermy eyes bring an extra level of realism and creepiness to each zombie and are available in blue, green, brown and hazel. Each zombie typically stands 31” to 38” from head to toe (40”to 48” to the top of the controller) and weighs between 6 and 10lbs



    [The Cheshire Cat] is a working marionette and has moving arms fastened with antique buttons, his head also moves up and down. dressed in a handmade ruffle he also has the keys to wonderland hanging around his neck. Of course no Cheshire cat would be complete without a huge grin (made from Acrylic Human teeth) and two big glass eyes!


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