Stan Lee Turns 90, Terrible Photography Secret Revealed

    Stan Lee, what are you doing?! As Buzzfeed looked back at Lee's life, a dark truth emerged.

    Stan Lee, born Stanley Martin Lieber, loved to smile in photos.

    Even at age 10, Lee (left) had an adorable grin.

    In 1942, he joined the Army to create manuals and slogans. And smile in his dapper uniform.

    By 1947, he married the beautiful Joan Clayton Boocock, another reason to smile.

    And settled down to work at Atlas Comics, or as it is now known, Marvel. Which was serious business.

    By 1968, Marvel was booming, as was Lee's facial hair. The smile returned.

    And in 1975, the mustache had evolved into its trademark look, sans beard. However...

    1975 was a dark year. The year Stan face.

    Now you can't unsee it.

    It's everywhere.

    But we forgive him because he also posed for photos like this.

    And this. Bless him.

    Happy birthday, Stan Lee!