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    Posted on Jul 2, 2013

    Clearly "The Great Gatsby" Needed A CGI Intervention

    The first step is admitting the problem. Hollywood's crippling CGI addiction is getting embarrassing.

    1. Should we hire some landscape artists?

    Why? Just add it all in post-production! All the beauty, none of the union headache.

    2. Should we rent one of many available mansions?

    Pffft. If we add the sunlight in post-production, we can work all night!

    3. Should we put the horn player on the roof?

    Are you insane? That's like five flights of stairs! Just put him in front of a blue screen.

    4. Should we pack up and head down to the waterfront?

    Ew, no! There's bugs outside and we have to fill out paperwork and walk and ugh effort. Just add it all in post.

    5. Should we use camera tricks to make it look like they're moving?

    NO. This must be realistic. Get those actors up there and dancing in a moving vehicle! But add the city in post. We aren't made of bridge rental money.

    6. Should we film this outdoor scene outside?



    You're fired. Get out.

    Watch the whole effect reel for more examples.

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