10 Classic Fandoms Imagined As Kids Will Warm Your Heart

They were all so young, so carefree, so not dead. Artist Patrick Ballesteros has a real knack for capturing the spirit of childhood on paper.

1. The cast of Firefly have a big damn imagination.

2. You shall not pass…while the Fellowship walks to school.

3. The Walking Dead cast trying to sneak out.

4. Harry Potter is totally getting on his school’s Magic team.

5. The cast of The Princess Bride love snow days.

6. These super girls are having a delightful afternoon tea.

7. The cast of Masters of the Universe representing the Class of ‘83.

8. Seven out of eight DC Villains get brain freeze from Slurpees.

9. It’s all fun and video games until someone gets rope burn.

10. Good thing the TARDIS is bigger on the inside.

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