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    Chinese Couple Play Chicken With Highway Officials

    Are they winning or losing? When the government wants to demolish your house to build an interstate without compensating you fairly, would you have the tenacity to hold out this long?

    According to China Daily, the elderly couple has been embroiled in a legal battle with local officials for going on four years.

    Other than Luo and his wife, the village of 1600 has been compensated for their homes and moved in order for the new highway to be erected. It is set to connect a new business district with the train station.

    While everyone else took the 220,000 yuan ($35,000), Luo paid $95,000 to build the house and has refused to sell it without fair compensation. The government has recently upped their offer to $41k in an effort to get the elderly couple to relocate but they were once again turned down. If an agreement can't be reached, traffic will flow around the remaining house once construction is complete.

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