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    Birds Of Paradise Are Out-Twerkin' You In Da Club

    Damn Nature, you fly. Ain't no party like a New Guinea party because a New Guinea party has huge variation in evolutionary mating displays.

    First things first: Ain't nobody twerkin' without a proper soundtrack.

    Oh hell no. I did not get this dressed up to go home early. Everyone needs to bask in my magnificence.

    Not prepared? Bitch please, my outfit can go from professional to par-tay in .5 seconds.

    Who needs Apple Bottom jeans when you got natural Pom-Pom bottom am I right?

    Awwww yesssss, the DJ just dropped the bass.

    Hey pretty lady, you want to dance? No? No. That's cool.

    Hey gurl, you like what I'm working with?

    I'm always wearin' a bow tie in da club. Bow ties are cool.

    Oh you did not just call me fat.

    Why yes, I am popped collar cool.

    Awwww yeah, this song is my jam!

    Dancing by myself because I want to. It's empowering, dammit.

    Are these tail feathers on my head, or am I just happy to see you?

    Both. The answer is both.

    You like Batman? Gurl, I am the night.

    I'm not drunk, I'm not drunk. Hruk! Okay, call the cab.