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Apple Location Tracking Smacks Of Skynet

Remember all those jokes about today being Judgment Day? You think this is a coincidence? Skynet says yes. Something that has been known in tech circles for a while has just come to light to the general populace. iPhones have been triangulating your position and saving the data in a single, unencrypted file. Just waiting for Big Brother some saucy hacker to want to know everywhere you've been for the last year.

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  • Even the government is alarmed by this revelation, prompting Senator Al Franken to compose an open letter to Steve Jobs. View the letter in its entirety HERE.

  • Arstechnica editor Jacqui Cheng uses the shockingly easy to access data to see where they've been recently. If you're the terrified proud owner of an iDevice, THIS WEBSITE allows you (and presumably others) to track yourself.

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