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Anorexic Mother Weighs Less Than Her 7 Year Old

The mother is also disgustingly proud of the fact that she and her daughter can borrow each other's clothes. This is disturbing on so many levels.

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Rebecca Jones, the mother, stands 5'1" and currently weighs around 70 lbs. She survives on toast, soup and energy drinks while taking care to make sure her 7-year-old daughter has plenty of cake and pizza. Either because A) she is living vicariously through this poor child or B) she wants to make sure she is the "pretty" one.

Having suffered from anorexia from the age of 11, the 26-year-old believe her condition would keep her from getting pregnant since her periods had stopped years ago. However, at 19 she felt something twitch within her and went to the doctor. Turns out she was 26 weeks pregnant. The news was a shock to Rebecca since she was a size six with a flat stomach. Unable to shake her disease, she subsisted on bread and beetroot, gaining all of 7 lbs. the entire pregnancy, 5 lbs. 7 oz. of which were her daughter.

Today, Rebecca faces the real possibility of heart attack due to her extended period of self-starvation. Doctors warn her that without gaining weight, she may not live to see her daughter grow up. According to Rebecca, ‘I’m terrified I won’t see Maisy grow up,’ she said. ‘I’d love to eat – I can think of nothing nicer than going out for lunch with Maisy, but I can’t.’

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