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    17 Alternate Donkey Kongs Prove This Mash-Up Has Reached Critical Mass

    These designs are begging to be turned into games. Surely some sympathetic developer wants to see Jabba the Kong as much as fans do.

    1. Doctor Kong

    2. Jabba The Kong

    3. Wookie Kong

    4. Donkey Kong Rises

    5. Donkey Tron

    6. Avenger Kong

    7. Donkey Colossus

    8. Rancor Kong

    9. Donkey Puft

    10. Donkey Prometheus

    11. Adventure Kong

    12. Donkey Hoth

    13. Metroid Kong

    14. Alien Kong

    15. Indiana Kong

    16. Donkey Game of Thrones

    17. Dark Crystal Kong

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