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24 Absolute Worst Photos From The 2012 Tony Awards

And I'm (mostly) not talking bad fashion. During a red carpet event, there is an unspoken expectation the professional photographers will be competent. This time, they failed us.

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Look here, Hollywood photographers. We need to talk. When your final images look worse than a first year college student with a dream and the promise of $50 to shoot their cousin's wedding, something has gone amiss.

For example:



Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Christian Borle

Tightening the shot doesn't do anything but bring Christian's lazy eye into stark relief on top of making us wonder who is holding that red phallic object in the background.


Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Actor David Alan Grier (L)

Candid laughter shots are a crapshoot. They make you look like you're enjoying yourself at the expense of distorting your features. Also, if only one of you is laughing, that's a little awkward.


A Caveat: As with monkeys, typewriters, and writing Shakespeare, even the worst gallery will have a couple of gems. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't make these fabulous people look bad.

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