A Love Letter To The Moon

Earth’s relationship status is set to “Complicated.” Forty years ago today, man left the moon’s surface for the last time.

2. I know we haven’t visited in a while.

3. OK, a long while. In fact, we last left you 40 years ago today when Apollo 17 lifted off on Dec. 14, 1972.

4. But we had to go home.

5. Because things were getting weird.

6. But we should have visited more. Or at least called.

7. We’re really, REALLY sorry. And we miss you. Please forgive us?

8. We’re ready to settle down with you. Kind of. We’ll talk about it. Maybe in another 10 years?

Read more about NASA’s plan to return to the moon over here.

9. Let’s just take it slow and…what? Mars? No, no. That’s just fling. Don’t even think about him. He means nothing. Honest.

Mars, we love you. We’ll call later.

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