A Basic Guide To Benedict Cumberbatch

According to someone who only knows him as “that guy Tumblr loves.” Happy birthday, whoever you are!

1. This is Benedict Cumberbatch.

2. Wait, seriously? That’s his name? His real, legal name bestowed on him by his parents?

4. His fans have a really cute/creepy collective name.

6. Do not confuse him with the OTHER British actor with a weird last name.

7. Or the Cumberbitches and Hiddlestoners will find you.

8. Totally not the same person, as evidenced here.

9. He is best known for playing modern-day Sherlock on the BBC.

10. He’s also been this ’70s news anchor.

11. A vaguely threatening in how average he appears gym teacher.

12. An anachronistic cowboy.

14. He really likes scarves.

16. Tumblr thinks Cumberbatch is super hot…

17. But I’m just not seeing it… oh.

20. Anyway! This is his boyfriend. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

21. They really really love each other.

22. Maybe they’ll get married now that it’s legal in the U.K.!

23. So while he seems really socially awkward.

25. Seriously, like at the drop of a hat.

26. Benedict Cumberbatch seems like a nice guy.

27. Who would be really fun at parties!

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